16 February 2012

This Time Last Year

Very different: I was commuting 45 minutes four times a day for my kindergartner with my newborn and two year old in tow. I was super organized. I was pulling over in parking lots, filling my tires with air, changing messy diapers on my lap, and always packing snacks. I was rocking and nursing a baby on the sidelines of tennis, gymnastics, play dates, and swimming times two.
I was avoiding onions. I was dealing with a five-year-old bully at school.

I was learning about congenital hypothyroidism.
I was knee deep in the snowiest New York winter. I was trying to simplify. I was craving bowties and decaf iced lattes. I was struggling with Bleu's clothing and seat belt issues. I was stuck inside with a daughter who didn't do winter. I was looking forward to spring. I was rocking the Bjorn. I was dreaming about a day when I could walk my littles to the perfect school right across the street {my dream became a reality in September}. I was dozing off while reading.

Exactly the same: I am still full of good energy until after dinnertime. Then I crash. I am up with the baby every night.
I am trying to keep calm and carry on. I am singing songs and dancing with my loves. I am taking pictures. I am crazy in love. I am laughing with my mom and Allison. They really make me laugh. I am creating memories with my children. I am fielding requests for art classes, sewing/craft club and ballet. I am thinking we need to edit our commitments.

I am putting a healthy dinner on the table every night and helping with homework. I am appreciating my awesome and diverse group of friends.
I am looking forward to vacations, farmer's markets, and more free time with the littles. I am busy Monday nights from 8-10 watching The Bachelor {don't judge}. I am blogging--quickly and sporadically--around midnight. I am wishing for a piece of chocolate. I am trying to savor the moment I'm in. I am in awe of our blessed life and good fortune. I am flirting with the idea of a fourth {just flirting, people}. I am happy with three.

Photo taken last winter as I was leaving Buby's school. It so reminds me.

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Grandma DJ said...

Whew .. Flirting with four huh? Life is precious and wonderful .. So much to be grateful for!! Love you forever