05 February 2012

Children's Museum

We spent part of Saturday at a children's museum along the Hudson. It's small but well known and highly touted. I've taken the kids in the past and wasn't overly impressed with the exhibits, but it's been a while so we tried again. Because I love museums.

Personally I think the entire first floor is a bust. I mean, Buby and Bleu made the most of it, but the imaginative play area leaves a lot to be desired. My Sweets and I were 100% bored in there {and not for lack of imagination!}. At one point I looked at him and said, "We should charge an entrance fee to our playroom, because it is waaaay better than this." The make-believe storefronts were filthy and had only a handful of old plastic toys inside. This half of the museum lacked quality, innovation and good design. We live outside NYC where people expect these things in a children's museum. At least I do.

Buby and Bleu definitely enjoyed the second floor science theme more {okay, they loved it}, but no one exhibit captivated their attentions for more than a minute or two. It was all the same things we tried two and four years ago. Highlights included the ball coaster, the green screen and the bubble lift.

Bear was tired, but as usual a wonderful little sport. He hung out in the Ergo until we were mostly done and then went downstairs to explore the toddler area with My Sweets.

As we walked out of the museum My Sweets brought up a list of area restaurants on his iPhone. A really fun one named Bugaboo Creek was just a few miles away so we went for early dinner. Buby ordered an adult-size hot turkey wrap with tomato and lettuce {no sauces}, Bleu a petite steak and mashed potatoes, and Bear a side of fresh steamed veggies. Not the healthiest meal, but as steakhouses go it was o-k-a-y.

The children adored the talking moose, the tale-flapping fish, and the chatty Christmas tree with the big blue eyes. Bleu wants to know WHY there were deer feet on the wall {as a shelf holder}, WHO would do such a thing, and WHERE is the rest of the deer.

The end.

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Very cool .. Love you forever