14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Buby made me this bouquet out of yarn, pipe cleaners and buttons. It's beautiful.

We had such a good morning here! I crawled into my own bed {after being up with Ollie} about an hour before wake up time. Buby slithered in next to me about 20 minutes after that. My Sweets jumped in the shower around 6:45, and Bleu woke up on her own by 7.

I knew I'd be exhausted this morning, so I quick prepped the kitchen late last night for a festive breakfast. I blew up pink balloons and set out heart plates and napkins. These things cost next to nothing and make our children ridiculously happy. My Sweets left love notes for all the kids plus a mini pink rose bush for our daughter--so pretty--and a gazillion tulips for me--even prettier! Bleu presented her brothers with heart balloons we secured during our secret mission yesterday. Everyone loves balloons, right? Except Jazz. Poor dog.

Buby dressed himself in red pants and a red striped shirt, but the pants had huge holes in the knees so I asked him to reconsider. Bleu chose a red shirt and her favorite pink cargo pants {handed down from a cousin's neighbor--ha!}. Immediately after breakfast they trotted off to school with their Valentine-filled backpacks. Bleu hesitated at the schoolhouse door and said, "But Mama, I'm scared I don't know how to give them out." I reassured her the teachers would help. This is a year of many firsts for our preschooler.

Back at home I jumped in the shower with my littlest {you know... that teething, restless one year old who always wants the hip or the nip}. We played for a bit and then ran back to retrieve his sister. Mornings with Bear go way too quickly. Bleu sprung from school at 11:30 with a grin as big as Texas and spent at least 40 minutes showing me every love note in her bag. Thankfully the school has a no-candy policy.

Snack today is plain granola and veggies since dinner is heart-shaped blueberry
pancakes--a Valentine's tradition. Later on it's fillet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, and spinach-strawberry salad for My Sweets and I.

We have a lovely evening in store, as long as everyone cooperates.
I promised Bleu I would paint her toenails a shade of pink called "No Boundaries" and Buby a trip to the library. I just baked a decadent cocoa brownie pie--it's gluten-free and organic--while scarfing down a full chocolate-almond-toffee bar and glass of ice cold milk. Bear is crying for a nap, but so far we've had two failed attempts. Oh how I wish I could go back and teach him how to sleep.

Thank you to everyone who mailed us a Valentine this week. Our hearts--and boxes--overfloweth with love. We are so lucky. Happy Day to you all. XOXO!

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Grandma DJ said...

every day should be valentine day!! at least in everyone's hearts!! love you forever