21 February 2012

Happy Birthday To You!

Yesterday was Tommy's 37th birthday. We lucked out that it fell on President's Day and everyone was home to celebrate. Actually, it was his fifth day home after the back procedure Thursday, and the whole long weekend was pretty sweet.

Recap: Friday afternoon we all ventured out, lunched with friends who had been on a beach for two weeks, ran errands {including picking up my eyeglasses from the vision center--they're red!--and Buby's new bandanna from the hippie shop}, and then stopped at another bakery for homemade chocolates and red velvet cake bombs. That was My Sweets' idea. I'd never tasted cake bombs/balls/pops before Friday, but I can assure you they are dreamy. We decided to keep them to ourselves and not share :-)

The children were wonderful sports. Oliver napped here and there, and it was a goooood day. That night My Sweets and I sneaked into our bed with a box of handmade chocolates and a full bottle of Asti. {P.S. I love marriage, and I love a guy who can make me laugh so hard I cry.} Later we watched "Return To Me" from our very old dvd collection.

Saturday night Oliver slept again, so we watched "Crazy Stupid Love" together. Surprisingly we both liked the film. Sunday we slept in and went to 11 a.m. church. We played at home, squeezed in a scooter ride to the park, and then I served up veggie chili while Tom went on a MANdate at the distillery with a friend of ours.

Monday morning My Sweets slept in while I tiptoed downstairs with the littles. He loves and craves sleep on his days off. Later I handed him a hot coffee and an ooey gooey cinnamon bun. We all sang off key. Around 11:15 we headed to Bleu's gymnastics class and then out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was incredible!

Buby and Bleu ordered tacos. Oliver tried his first quesadilla and decided he can't live without fresh guacamole. During lunch My Sweets commented, "Another advantage to being a family of five... we get the big round table!" It's true. We had the best table in the house... tucked into a bay window on the first floor. Of course more desserts followed lunch, and this time the kids had a taste.

Before heading home we stopped at a bowling alley. It's just like My Sweets to let the kids choose the activity on
his birthday. He was high scorer, as usual, and Buby and Bleu were super into it this time. Oliver was a bit of a wild man. He spent a little time in the stroller and Ergo backpack and a lot of time running down the ramp. Note to self: Bowling alleys are foolish places for 15 month olds. Anyway, my iPhone shots...

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Grandma DJ said...

what a great birthday ad weekend celebrations!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Love you forever