08 February 2012

Favorite New Things {Bear Edition}

Wonderworld sensory blocks. Super fun for a one year old. We keep them on a low shelf, but they came with a burlap drawstring bag for on-the-go.

Play silks purchased from a fabric store and hemmed by Grandma DJ. Image from here. We use these constantly in a million different ways. The possibilities are endless.

Ekorre toddler walker/wagon. When he's not skateboarding on it, Bear uses it for hauling.

Melissa + Doug shape sequence sorting set. Buby and Bleu use these even more than Bear does. It's a wonderful primer for what he'll encounter at our Montessori preschool.

KidzAir wooden car by Holgate Toys and the HaPe International E-Racer. Zoom zoom! We have both in multiple colors. Bear appreciates the handles, and I appreciate the design.

Mula stacking rings. The other children are forever manipulating these little wooden rings. It was a fantastic IKEA find, and you can bet it will make the "saver box" cut someday.
Hide-in-Seek Development crawl t
unnel. Lots of peek-a-boo fun! I like that it's a short tunnel with a mesh top. It folds up tiny and stores in a cute bag.

Schylling musical hand bells. Bear isn't reading notes yet, obviously, but he loves them just the same. And Buby and Bleu ring a bell for school, dinner, bedtime. Ha!

Mini Masters box set of four board books. So great. I first spotted them at my friend Allison's, and we've since ordered them for several other children. I'm happy to finally have a set of our own and hope to collect the rest.

Note: These are a few of the items that Bear received around the holidays, thanks to Santa, us, and both sets of grandparents.

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