13 February 2012

Everything Saturday

Saturday we said 'yes' to doing everything: An early morning gymnastics class, two back-to-back parties, a fancy dinner date for My Sweets and his boys. It was happy chaos from breakfast 'til bedtime. There were no naps, and we didn't eat a single meal at home.

The first birthday bash was at a big bounce facility that had three parties going simultaneously. Imagine the madness! My Sweets and I usually avoid these places at all cost, but Buby's class is small and Benjie is a good friend. There was no question we would be there. The older children jumped for two and a half hours. They were red and sweaty and super high on life.

The second party was held at a local music studio for Bleu's little friend Zoe. I'm guessing there were 25+ wee ones and another 30 adults. More chaos. More fun. My fave part was watching Bleu and her gal pal Serafina stick together like paper and glue.

As soon as Bleu and I got back in the car to go home she said to me in a most serious tone,
"Mama, I just changed where I decided I wanted my birthday. I want it here. On that rug."

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Grandma DJ said...

that makes things easier for mom!! love you forever