22 January 2012

It Snowed. At Last.

Saturday. Awake. Pajamas inside out and backwards. Excited screams. Buby's wish. First real snow since October 30. Banana-blueberry pancakes on the griddle. Coffee. Shower. Boots on. Hoods up. Frigid! Sledding on a hill in the middle of nowhere, two minutes from everything.

Conversations about mittens. A few tears. An unexpected smile. Bleu is sledding on my lap now. And loving it. Lasts four runs. Races back to toasty warm vehicle to find Daddy
and a sleeping Bear.

The mighty 1st grader and his mama are just getting started though. Cold? Not us.
One sled down. Six to go. Lopsided tie-dye voted fastest in the world.

Baby wakes up. He's curious. I snag him and down we go. Wheee! Few more runs while Bleu looks on. Hot lunch at an almost-forgotten restaurant. Hits the spot. Did someone say cocoa? Big kids walk home with Daddy. I drive. And pause. And laugh as they skip all the waaay home.

Where Buby continues to shower himself in winter bliss. His favorite season. A small orange bucket from the kitchen--for scooping--and he's all set outdoors.


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