03 January 2012

Ice Skating

Last Friday Buby (6) and Bleu (3) took it to the ice for the first time. They loved everything about it, even the falling. The rink we visited in Family Land didn't have any ice walkers for beginners, so I mostly held onto Bleu while Grandma DJ and Tom G assisted Buby. My Sweets had Bear in the stands. They were super busy trying not to laugh.

I'm still amazed that Bleu agreed to wear the stiff lacing boots. They aren't at all comfortable, and you know she's all about comfortable. We stayed a little over an hour, and it's definitely something we'll try again. Perhaps next month at Citi Pond at Bryant Park, since My Sweets can watch us from his office window.

* I snapped these photos with Tom's phone. A few more coming from the camera.

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Grandma DJ said...

It definitely was fun with the kids .. They both did great .. But as Buby said the best part was Buby and Grandma DJ falling together .. Lots of laughter!! Love you forever