01 January 2012

Holiday Recap

Happy New Years, everyone! I didn't post sooner because I've been cuddling a sick baby in my arms for several days. He's laying across my lap as I type.

We went to Family Land perfectly healthy on the 24th and came back sick as dogs on the 31st. Buby, Bleu and Bear thoroughly enjoyed their 9 little cousins from the 24th--26th, but then symptoms started overnight, and the rest of the week was a complete wash.
It hit us in different ways on different days. We cancelled plans and took almost no photos.

I think this is the third {or fourth!} year getting sick over
winter vacation. We look forward to visiting family and friends Upstate, but given our track record I'm tempted to spend the holidays 2012 at home. Ollie got it last and worst of all. He's been battling an upper respiratory infection, high fever, loss of appetite, cough, and general out of sorts-ness since Friday evening. This morning our pediatrician added ear infection to the mix. Cool! He isn't sleeping at all, so My Sweets and I are comforting him around the clock.

Meanwhile... our halls are decked with luggage, laundry, gifts, and ornaments waiting to be put away. It's a mess here. The bright spot is that we've enjoyed a wonderful and healthy month leading up to vacation.
It was a very merry December in our house, and we accomplished everything we set out to do! Wishing you all a healthy start to 2012!

I used my friend Karin's recipe for granola this year, and it was out of this world! I'll post later.

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Grandma DJ said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR .. Love you forever