30 January 2012

The Guatemala Backpack Project

My friend Alana started The Guatemala Backpack Project this past holiday season as a way to get her three daughters involved in service and giving to children less fortunate. She reached out to her inner circle and asked them to fill backpacks for the young students at the Kemna' oj School, who were on summer break at the time.

What a simple, brilliant idea! Buy a backpack for a child {anywhere--it's a small world!} who cannot afford one and then fill it with notebooks, folders, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, rulers, sketch pads, water bottles, underwear, socks, etc. I was thrilled to help, and I'm grateful to my friends Seda, Christine, Karin, Sara, Allison and DJ for helping, too. Alana collected 56 bags and sent them all at once to Guatemala through a volunteer with her friend Judy's organization From Houses to Homes.

As you can see in the photo above, the bags have arrived. The new school year has begun, and I can only imagine the smiles they have brought.

Students at the school holding loaves of bread for their families. Photo passed on by Alana.

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