21 December 2011

Teacher Gifts 2011

Today the kiddos and I delivered 6 small teacher gifts. They were very simple {in thought and execution}, but I still like how they turned out.

Each wooden basket included a handmade ornament and thank-you note by Buby and Bleu, a jar of yummy chocolate-chip-almond granola I made the night before, and a gift certificate to our village coffee shop, which is also right next to the school.

The reason we did 6 baskets is because Buby and Bleu each have two full-time teachers, plus the directress of the school, plus the art teacher they share on Wednesdays. We did not do an official holiday gift for Buby's Monday art teacher or for the Tuesday music/piano teacher simply because they weren't ready in time.

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Grandma DJ said...

nice idea .. Ollie is such a cutie ..Love you forever