18 December 2011

Gallery Night

Friday night one of Bleu's classrooms was transformed into an art gallery. It was so well done. Hundreds of projects were beautifully matted and displayed. There were musical performances by both classes. Buby's sang a Yiddish song about peace, and Bleu's crew sang two favorite tunes {one in Spanish!}. There were twinkle lights and hors d'oeuvres, lots and lots of families crowding the hallways, and children skipping excitedly between exhibits. They all beamed with pride.

Both art teachers attended, as well as all of the student body, their families, special guests and members of the community. The school raffled off a painting donated by one local artist and raised money for more art materials. So much effort went into this event, since it was originally to be held at a local art gallery but moved to our school after a scheduling conflict.

My Sweets and I had the children in NYC
all day for another function, and I completely spaced on clean-up duty after bringing the kids home... so I cannot say I helped with any of it. I owe an extra thanks to all of the parents who did.

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Grandma DJ said...

awesome .. love you forever