01 December 2011

Christmas Tradition #3: The Advent Bags

It's December 1. My bags are up. I feel like an elf sneaking down at night to fill them a few at a time. Each day brings one special surprise.

Some examples: a trio of handwritten love notes to my littles; a coupon for a 'treasure hunt' in the park; a paper promise of an afternoon stroll to the 'cookie shop;' a teeny grow-your-own gingerbread man; two mini boxes of Glee organic gum {which I introduced the big kids to on Halloween}; rolled up pipe cleaners for crafting; two favorite bell ornaments from last year; new felt snowflakes to hang on the kid tree; and a bunch of very clever post-it note clues for them to find their winter coloring books that I have hidden somewhere in the house.

This year I'd like to include a few basic act-of-kindness prompts/challenges to Buby and Bleu. Something they must think of themselves, that's in addition to the Giving Tree project at church and the Guatemala Backpack project we're doing with friends.

Also {this is where YOU come in}, I would like to fill a few bags with short greetings from faraway family and friends. If you want to send Buby, Bleu or Bear a lil' love note before Christmas Eve just email or text me--or leave it in the "comments" for this post--and I'll stick your message on pretty paper and slip it into a bag. Let's mix it up.

To read more about our advent tradition click here, or to revisit my December House post from last year click here.

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Grandma DJ said...

Great ideas!! I will email .. Love you for ever