07 November 2011

Holiday Plan + Links

We do a lot of our holiday shopping online, and I'm trying to zoom ahead this year in order to stress less in December. My goal is to have all gifts {with the exception of our annual kid craft} wrapped and packed by the 1st. Is that crazy ambitious for a procrastinator like me?

I say it every year... I'd really love for the commercial aspects of the holiday to be smaller, more edited and not at all wasteful {less is more!}. Plus, My Sweets and I are stepping up our charity and college-savings efforts. Times three.

That said, I have a simple art theme going for all nieces, nephews, 2nd cousins, etc. this year. And, bien sure, there will be a smattering of carefully vetted goods under our tree on Christmas morning -- some from Santa and others from us. I've been paying extra attention lately to
how our children are playing and with what so that I could search the world {wide web} over for a few random things they never knew they always wanted.

Here's what I've seen and loved so far. I'll narrow the field way down and order by Friday.


*Klappar Lantlig glove puppets.
I bought. Buby puts on regular puppet shows with whatever we have here.

*Doorway puppet theater.
My mom had this idea, and I said go for it.

Honey I Shrunk the Foosball table.
Obsessed ever since Lake George... But we have no room for a full-size table in our home, so I like this travel-size option.

Botany cabinet control chart.
He collects leafs. Trust me, he'll like this.

Pocket doodles for boys.
For our constant illustrator.

Orange/fuchsia u.f.glo lites.
I'd get for Buby and Bleu to share. We are a big nightlight family.

Monogrammed "Buby" dancing ribbon ring in rainbow.
I can see all the kids running with them during our nightly dance parties.

Animal hand tattoos
or Monster hands.
This would go a long way at school.

Scribble It postcards.
For the boy who makes, shares, and gives art. And lives far from family.

Charley Harper coloring book
or Make art mistakes book or another maze book.
I'm a longtime fan of C.H. {see illo at top}

Kids' knitting bag.
Don't laugh, but I think he'd
really be into this.

Jacquard Tie Dye kit.
He's into tie-dye and has expressed interest in trying it at home.

Alphabets origami kit.
Because he is the king of 3-D paper designs lately.

Kid's Dance Express #1.
Nothing in our house gets more use than this CD. We need to switch it up.


*Duktig baby doll bed.
I already bought.

*Klappar Lantlig glove puppets.
I already bought.

The Plan Toy dollhouse basement.
To expand her existing dollhouse.

Wooden doctor's kit.
She plays doctor and vet
constantly and without any proper tools.

Sandpaper numbers
and Lower and capital case sandpaper letters.
The same set they use in school... for play at home.

Montessori small movable alphabets with box.
Amazing tool and a steal from this source.

Children of the World floor puzzle.
This just screams Buby and Bleu. A must have.

Tie-up wooden shoe.

We've practiced on this at B&N. I like it better than the Montessori board Buby borrowed from his teacher.

Monogrammed "Bleu" dancing ribbon ring in rainbow.

Kid's Dance Express #2.
Nothing in our house gets more use than this CD. We need to switch it up.

Note: I bought and put away a Rapunzel doll. She's been asking ever since Buby got a Flynn Rider doll from Grace for his birthday.

P.S. Buby will be making Bleu a cocoa mug with her name on it. That girl is such a good sport about the fact that nothing comes printed with her name, but she'd love a personalized cocoa cup like her bro's. He has TWO, and she quietly seethes with jealously.


*Exorre Toddle wagon.
My mom bought on our last trip to IKEA.

*Mula stacking rings.
My mom bought.

Double-sided Tinya drum (8 or 10")
or Remo kids gathering drum.
It's his favorite thing about music class.

Wheely Bug cow.
Small size. Adorable. He's ready to zoom zoom.

Handmade weather set.
I want to use these to start each day with Bear.

Shape sequencing sorting set.
He's big into sorting right now.

Monogrammed "Bear" dancing ribbon ring in blues.

Peek-a-Boo playsilks.
His other favorite thing about music class, and anytime I do laundry.

Jae Keun Song wooden fishing set.
Look at this! It's too cute and totally suits our house of fishermen.

Mini Masters box set.
I've purchased this for other people's children and want a set of our own. So wonderful...

Kid's Dance Express #3.
Nothing in our house gets more use than this CD. We need to switch it up.

P.S. Buby and Bleu will be putting together Bear's first "who loves me" album. Our baby is totally smitten with family photos, particularly Buby's baby book.

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