19 November 2011

Buby Loves Tennis

And we looove to watch him play. Lessons are year-round, but at the end of each fall/winter/spring session there is a Friday evening tournament where athletes in the 6-9 category compete against each other.

The match was last night. {It was Buby's first ever, since he was in the 4-5 age group last year.} The vibe was definitely big deal-ish, since Daddy skipped out of work early and Grandma DJ happened to be in town. And guess what? Buby's team came in 1st place! Hurray for Bub! He carried around a shiny blue ribbon all evening.

This afternoon My Sweets and I were invited to a parents lesson, during which there was a lot of laughing with and at each other. Turns out tennis takes some skill. We walked away with sore forearms a whole new appreciation for the sport our son plays. Very fun date.

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Grandma DJ said...

So happy I got to see!! Congrats Buby!! Maybe Buby will give you guys more lessons!! Hee hee!! Love you forever