13 November 2011

Six Miles

These photos from a recent family hike illustrate everything I love about fall in New York.

Hoodie sweatshirts. Kicking up leaves. Running free.

The chirps of nature. Happy kids.

Babies in carriers... maybe for the last time.

Ginormous specimens for our leaf collector.

Textured terrain. Rock walls. Color.

Crisp air. Trail mix. Elevated views.

Three and six year olds who ask me to record their little discoveries.

Hikers in hippie heart pants. Layers upon layers of shale. The perfect walking stick.

Handsome daddies and their daughters.

Whimsical forms. Distant lands meeting the sky.

Simple gifts from the heart.

One year olds. Contentment.

My loving girl with cocoa-bean eyes.

Childhood memories in progress.

Determination. 106 steps up. Not one complaint.

Life. Everywhere.

Afternoon adventures. Gazing up in awe.

Celebrating one small feat and eight sore feet with a lovely dinner out.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

Beautiful times, beautiful memories .. Awesome!! Love you forever