19 October 2011

The Baby Whisperer

I often joke with friends that Bleu Bird is like the mother hen that rules our roost, but that's not exactly true. She's more of a baby whisper, as she was born with a strong attachment/nurturer instinct that is still a major part of who she is at the core.

I know most three-year-old girls have dolls and play mama, but Bleu has taken it to a new level. She has adopted dozen of babies, assigns them distinct personalities, and never forgets who is who. She navigates her busy day while protecting and comforting all the littles in her life. She teaches them to walk, go potty, chew their food, play nice. She knows where they are at all times and who may be ready for a nap or need some lovin'.

Bleu showing her baby, named Headband, the pretty waterfall.

is happiest and totally in her element when she feels responsible for the well being of another person. She's always introducing me to new additions and beginning conversations with "When I'm a real mommy..." I remind her that she can be a mommy AND PLUS whatever else she wants to be: trapeze artist, horse doctor, math teacher? She says, "No thanks. Just a mommy."

It's refreshing how different she and I were at this age. Yes I liked some dolls and talked to my stuffed animals, but I was much more tomboy. It's sweet for me to witness this ultra soft side of my girl. She will be an outstanding babysitter in 10 years.


The only downside to her mothering tendencies is that it can cross over into real-life relationships, particularly with her pal Ella who is also three but quite smaller in size. Bleu likes to help Ella, remind her of what they should be doing, direct her to the much-safer baby slide. Needless to say, it's not always well received.

The girlies clash from time to time when sensitivities erupt, but what comes across as bossy to another preschooler is usually very well intentioned. Bleu is loyal and cares about her friends to a fault. It's a matter of delivery, and knowing when to just pull back and let be. A lesson for all of us mamas, I think.

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Grandma DJ said...

bleu"s babies are so a part of her .. It"s funny when she reminds us to talk quietly cause her baby is sleeping! Love you forever