04 October 2011

A Few Gifts from Ghana

A beautiful canvas painting that just happens to match my Hybrid Home pillows perfectly.

My Sweets kind of shocked me when he opened his suitcase and started laying out all the stunning handmade items he brought back for me and the children. I didn't expect him to squeeze anything into his return luggage. Okay, maybe a single chocolate bar for me...

He surprised each of the wee ones as soon as they got out of school on Friday. Here's just a sampling of the objects strewn all over our living room at the moment. The coolest part is that Tom had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with every artist/craftsman/painter/seamstress behind these creations. He heard their stories in his free time and then supported their small businesses. And last but not least, he found me that box of chocolates.

Lemon-flavored chocolate made right in Ghana. It took a few bites to break me in, but now I'm hooked.

Bracelets for each of the children in African colors.

This skirt is gorgeous! It feels like a patchwork quilt, and it fits me like a glove. My Sweets says SEXY.

The ancient strategy game of Oware for Buby. It's played throughout west Africa.

A wooden map of Africa with each country carved by hand. The picture does not do it justice!

A bracelet for me made out of coconut shell sitting on the ebony wood Oware case.

One young man really wanted to make a bracelet for My Sweets. He asked, "What's your name? What's your name?" My Sweets answered "Tom" and was presented with this. Ha.

A family of five elephants carved out of ebony wood. The family cannot be separated.

Another stretchy coconut shell bracelet for moi. So vibrant and lovely. I wear it nonstop.

A traditional mask to hang in the boys' room someday, if they'd like.

A groovy African frock for our Bleu girl. It fits her awesomely, and she loves it. As the two of us paraded around happily in our new dresses Buby asked why HE didn't get one, too.

A shirt/vest thingy, which looks great over a fitted tank and several yards of black and white fabric for me to make a table runner.

Takai chocolate liqueur and a handmade "treasure box" for Bleu.

There are other a few other items I didn't photograph, including Buby's beaded pendant necklace. Seriously, doesn't my husband have the best taste? He's always spot-on with surprises, colors, sizes, everything. :=)

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Grandma DJ said...

these are all so beautiful!! Chocolate and lemon .. Hhmm!! Love you forever