06 October 2011

Building Blocks

Our block bin is emptied at least three times a day. Buby and Bleu design the skyscrapers, parking garages and animal hospitals to their liking, and then our beloved Bear Bear b-lines it to knock them down. Mostly they are cool with it, but this particular Sunday morning the big kids weren't quite ready to have their creations leveled.

I walked into the playroom after breakfast holding Ollie, and immediately they threw their bodies in front of their respective buildings. I kindly reminded that if it's in the playroom {as opposed to the living room}, it's fair game. But I did offer to take a picture so they could show Daddy later, and it worked like a charm. Once I'd documented their work they happily assisted in the destruction of it.

I've said it before, but these standard unit blocks are a staple of any play space. It's the best "toy" purchase we've ever made {three sets and counting}, as it draws in our entire family from the youngest to oldest. There's something so calming, even as a thirty something, about working with wooden blocks. After our children have grown and had their fill, I imagine I will keep a bin in the house for little guests and future grand babes.

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Grandma DJ said...

everybody is getting so big!! Love the creativity!! Love you forever