10 October 2011

Bits + Pieces

Hello 80+ degrees! Autumn is my favorite time of year, but aside from the covered pool and the half-dead mum on our front porch you'd never know it wasn't summer. We are all waiting for those undeniable signs of the season. Crisp air. Hay rides. Cider donuts. It's been a strange October on the East Coast. Our house is still buzzing with scooters and grilled steaks and raspberry tea. Bleu is wearing her pink Crocs for sweetness sakes, and I've made no progress on Halloween costumes for my three.

That said, we're trying not to bypass Fall altogether just because the fans are on. We've been to one pumpkin patch and will visit another with school on the 24th. We've plans to do some hiking and late apple picking with friends on Saturday. A package of Halloween goodness arrived today from Great Aunt Judy, and tomorrow afternoon the kiddos and I will decorate. Throw in a sweater or two and then we're talking.

I realize it's been a while since I've posted a whole lot of baby shots. My late nights have been busier and more scatterbrained than usual, so here are bits + pieces of our last two weeks to catch you up.

Three pumpkins and a handful of gourds from a friend's u-pick farm and market.

Our roses are in continuous bloom through October or November.

Bleu loves her makeshift resting places.

This one is into everything at the moment. He's standing, cruising, reaching and opening.

Bleu's class marched across the street on this day to plant their pinwheels around a flagpole.

Bleu enjoyed her first official tea time with friends at a new tea shop that opened in town.

I chaperoned a school trip to an organic farm where the children sampled fresh carrots, raw beets, beans, and edible leaves from the fields. Then they churned their own cider.

Bleu Bird strikes a pose on picture day at preschool.

Bleu and her pal Siena are totally rocking gymnastics class on their own this semester!

Our little village partied BIG with bands and balloons, flags and fireworks.

My Sweets went on a brief turkey excursion with our friend Logan right after returning from Africa. Anytime I need a good laugh he has agreed to wear this outfit for me!

The kiddos went for their twice-annual cleanings. So far no cavities or concerns, and the dentist is still a happy place with treasure boxes and tv screens.

My daughter's sweet pout after finding out gymnastics was canceled. She pepped back up after lunch.

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Grandma DJ said...

glad to see daddy is staying true to his childhood nickname .. Turkey!! Great picks!! Love you forever