23 September 2011

One Week

The littles and I have had a busy week, and tonight my husband is on an 11-hour flight to West Africa. He'll be there on business until next Friday. I drove him to the train early this morning and started to miss him the second he stepped out of my car :-(

It's funny, because My Sweets has had such a frantic sched himself lately {including board meetings and mandatory dinners} that he's had zero time to contemplate this amazing trip. He did the vaccines and anti this-or-that meds but hasn't been able sit down and read up on the location or people, the customs or currencies.

So last night after packing his suit case and carry-on, I made him a little survival binder with everything he ever wanted to know about visiting the Republic of Ghana. He can read it at the airport or over the long flight. I copied fun maps for reference {above is just a portion of one from Buby's favorite atlas} and organized flight schedules, hotel info, group bios, menus, emergency contacts, travel precautions, etc. I also registered him in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) through the U.S. State Dept, which does wonders for peace of mind.

In the back of the binder I slipped in a stack of colorful index cards with handwritten sentiments for each day. Things like, "Have a ridiculously good time!" and "Don't forget to photograph the Accra markets for me!" and "I love you more than all the chocolate in Africa!" It's true. I do. And how do you like the subtle hint on what to bring me back?

I also included a few Buby originals made for the occasion. Our six year old was giddy at the thought of surprising Daddy on route to a distant land.

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Grandma DJ said...

What a great opportunity! Lots of love going with him!! Love you forever