09 September 2011

Kids' Back-to-School Links

Buby and Bleu made most of the decisions regarding their back-to-school gear this year. It was definitely fun to see them so involved. Here's a look at some of the items they chose:

Stephen Joseph Alligator Go-Go Bag and lunch box from The Crazy Dazy.

Stephen Joseph Birdhouse Go-Go Bag from The Crazy Dazy.

Dot Bubble umbrellas
from Totes.

Wellie boots from Lands' End. Buby chose Goldenrod; Bleu chose Pink Coral.

Classic camp/school pack
from Mabel's Labels.

Croc CrocBand clog in white from Endless. {Bleu's indoor play}

Mary Jane Convert clog in pink from Payless. {Bleu's outdoor play}

I wanted to keep things simple this year, so we did all of our clothes shopping in one afternoon at Lands' End and H&M. The only exceptions were Buby's burgundy cargo pants from Old Navy and the much appreciated hand-me-downs from Grace, Sid + Lily.

I don't have links for any of Buby's shoes. He chose a cool black and white check loafer for indoors {Montessori students wear inside shoes or slippers in the classroom}, a sneaker for tennis lessons, and a supportive hiker for everyday play. Buby was just remeasured for new orthopedic braces, and we are still waiting for those to arrive.

This season Buby is wearing big boys size 6-7 shirts and size 7 pants. Bleu is wearing 5T or big girls size 4. Buby's shoe with the braces is 2.5 or 3. Bleu's is 11. Can you believe?

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Grandma DJ said...

growing so fast .. Love you forever