10 May 2011

A Mother's Loot

Last Sunday Buby surprised me with a bag of handmade treasures: egg-carton caterpillars, painted wrapping paper, a hand-print trivet, a poem and picture I've never seen, glitter hearts, paper garland, and a butterfly print with a volcano illustration on the back. Also, he traced his right foot and colored in toenails. {Um, I'll explain that one later.}

Bleu donated her little green bouncy ball to the cause, all wrapped up in a dollhouse blanket, and we made a few tissue-paper butterflies together. She was proud of herself.

My Sweets ordered me a spa certificate {at my fave place!}, and the Holstee Manifesto I blogged about recently. He said it was from the kiddos, but c'mon. There is a reason I call him My Sweets. That was so sweet.

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