01 December 2009

Into The Wild

With Grandma + Grandpa to hunt down "the perfect tree."

My Sweets ran ahead to scout out concolor firs. That's our favorite kind of Christmas tree... whimsical and soft with a bluish tint. Not easy to find, but we scored one.

Buby rests on a baby tree. He's wiped out from all the sawing.

It doesn't look like much in the wild, but in real life... in Grandma's great room... it's stunning. Tall, plump, the same on all sides. I can't wait to see it all decked out on the 25th. My mom saves everything sentimental, so studying her ornaments every year is such a treat for me.


If you live anywhere near Buby + Bleu's grandparents in Western, New York, I suggest you check out Stokoe Farm. It was such a cool experience from start to finish. Yes, it was chilly and smack in the middle of poor Bleu's naptime, but there was plenty 'o fun to distract.

I'm talking an old-fashioned hayride, a ginormous wooden slide, a mountain of hay bales, a hen house show, a reindeer named "Dasher," trees in every size + variety, lots of room to run, indoor crafts, and free hot cocoa and sugar cookies. Free! Plus, my dad paid just $45 for his beautiful concolor fir.

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