27 November 2009

Thanksgiving Potluck

For the first time since Buby was born we travelled for the Thanksgiving holiday. Typically we host one or two full Thanksgiving dinners at our house. This year we switched things up since my mom had to work the day of and my little brother the day after. Plus, Mike + Melissa invited us to their home sweet home for a ginormous potluck. How could we pass up the chance to get silly with Sid, Lily and baby Mason? We've missed them since August -- and it felt like forever.

First of all, I want to thank my sister-in-law Melissa for hosting us all and including my parents and Billy. We had a fabulous time. At the end of the night I climbed into the car with two jammied-up, tooth-brushed kids all ready to go sleepy at Grandma DJ's house. Buby's initial commentary on the evening: "That was so much fun. I wanted to stay there forever." Haha. So dramatic that one.

The menu was quite appetizing, starting with a slew of appetizers courtesy of Grandpa J. Mike + Melissa made good turkey, gravy and Granny Smith apple stuffing. My Sweets contributed his green bean casserole {with bacon, shallots, garlic and parm}, butternut squash {served inside a pumpkin}, and amazing garlic mashed potatoes. I made homemade cranberry sauce and chocolate cream pie. Grandma DJ brought avocado-stuffed grape tomatoes {an appetizer}, fresh pineapple with blackberry preserves and coconut shavings {another appetizer}, apple-mango sauce, rolls, and cranberry-orange jello with walnuts. My mom served up homemade desserts, including her famous pumpkin cheesecake, my fave cherry crumb pie, and a strawberry-cream jello recipe borrowed from Aunt Pat. Yum!

This afternoon we visited with more family, including Buby + Bleu's GREAT Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill, GREAT Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim {in from VA}, Godmother Debbie {in from MD}, cousin Kelly, and of course the 3 lil' locals again. Tonight I twirled around to Taylor Swift with Sidney on my left hip and Bleu on my right. I bounced big boy Mas on my knee and saw Lily and Bleu starting to bond on their own. I said "Slow down, please" 5xs as ecstatic kiddies raced and giggled and chased each other in circles through three rooms and a hallway. Sid laughed at every one of Buby's jokes. Bless her. She totally gets him. Family is good. I couldn't help but think all day about Spencer, Parker and Grace {our other niece and nephews}, who we did not get to play with this Thanksgiving. We miss them terribly and can't wait for Christmas week. Can't wait!

Tomorrow we'll head over to a u-cut farm with Grandma + Grandpa "Kean" to officially kick-start the holiday season. It's tradition for them to help cut down our tree. This year we'll help them cut down theirs before heading back to the house for my mom's hot turkey a la king. YUM! And maybe some Christmas carols. 'Tis the season. Have a great weekend, everyone. Safe travels.

image from Martha.


Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you are having a grand time in family land, we are too! We are so blessed! Lots of love!

Grandma DJ said...

it was a wonderful thanksgiving!! thank you all for everything!! love you forever