24 November 2009

A Peek

My Sweets spent part of Sunday stringing lights on the house. He usually tackles this the weekend after Thanksgiving, but the weather was as good as it's going to get for roof acrobats. Plus, we're travelling this year instead of hosting, and our street likes to light up on December 1. There's even a competition with judges.

Of course I'll still hang pretty window wreaths, candles, and velvet bows upon our return, but most of the work is done thanks to my Macgyver. He simplified big-time this year, and the result is every bit as lovely. It's our tradition that I run across the street carrying two jammy-clad tots wanting a quick peek at Daddy's handiwork before bed. I shout the 'okay' for My Sweets to flick the switch, and he darts up the side stairs to catch our reaction. The preview lasts about 2 minutes, and it takes our breath away every year.

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Grandma DJ said...

love Christmas lights!! looks great!! love you forever