16 November 2009

Potty Talk

  • She's been potty training herself for many months now.
  • I refuse to officially get on board until after our big holiday road trips.
  • After all, she's only 18 months. And I love diapers.
  • Once we move to undies, I predict she'll potty train in less than a week.
  • Not to jinx myself. It took a while with Buby.
  • I'm still deciding what we'll use as rewards.
  • She gave up the Baby Bjorn potty in favor of the padded seat cushion.
  • She tells me if she has to pee or poo, usually before she goes.
  • If she feels the slightest leak, she immediately strips down to nakie.
  • She does not like to be wet or dirty, ever.
  • She wipes, flushes, washes and dries with my help.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

she is too funny with the potty .. so proud of herself!! you go girl!! love you forever