05 November 2009

He Said

Today at the salon... with his hair stylist/girlfriend Danielle.

Danielle: So... What are we doing today? The usual?

Buby: I need you to cut my hair. I couldn't see the TV. I was trying, but there were cracks in the screen. It was my hair in the way.

Danielle: {Laughing} Oh, we don't want that now.

Buby: No. It was Playhouse Disney.

Danielle: Tell me. How was Florida?

It was fun. I swimmed in the ocean. I loved swimming in the ocean, but the salt water hurt my eyes.

Danielle: Ugh. Yeah, it can do that.

Larry gave me four lollipops. Larry is Grandma DJ's neighbor, and he gave me FOUR lollipops!

Sweetie, those were called ice pops. I think.

Ice pops? Oh. I loved them. Yummmm.

I bet it was warm.

Buby: Yes, it was. I was HOT, but the... Mama, what did you call those things again?

Me: Ice pops.

Right. The ice pops cooled down my mouth. But if I wanted to cool down my whole body I had to go in the pool.

still Buby: You should get one of these for Thanksgiving {talking about Danielle's Halloweenish kid smock}.

You're right. I should.

Buby: And then one for winter. Because winter comes right after Thanksgiving. And then comes Christmas. You know... I use scissors at home to cut paper.

You do?

Yes, like turkeys. I can cut turkeys.

{Note: We have never cut turkeys, but give us a week.}

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Laura said...

I love his train of thought!