22 November 2009

Granny Nanny

Grandma DJ left this morning after breakfast. She spent three full days catching up with Buby + Bleu. Meanwhile, My Sweets + I attended a parent-teacher conference, grabbed wings + rings at an Irish pub we love, hit the next town over for some early-bird holiday prep, and dined at our favorite village steakhouse.

The kids were pretty much on Cloud 9. It's nice to see Bleu finally get clingy on someone other than me. Don't get me wrong... clingy is embraced here. But there's plenty to go around. I left the house twice without a single protest from Bleu, and twice she let Grandma put her to bed. That's groundbreaking.

When we pulled up to places in the car, Buby would shout, "Get me out first, Grandma!" Bleu responded, "No, MEEEEE!" They... are... so... competitive. Buby spent a lot of time keeping track of how much time he had left. For instance, every few hours he'd ask, "So you're here for one more day, right Grandma? And then you're leaving the day after that day? And then three days after that day I'm coming to your house? ALLLLright." Occasionally he'd turn to her and profess, "I love you Grandma. I'm happy you're here."

The only part of these visits I'd like to change is that Buby has a tendency to get a lil' fresh with me when Grandma is around. I can't figure out why he's so easily frustrated {just with me} from the moment she arrives until the minute she leaves. Perhaps because I abandon our regular routine {of playing, dancing, reading} so that the two of them can have their own. Not sure. Buby and Grandma do have a lovely visit ~ every time ~ and not even 30 minutes after she leaves he's right back to being my Mr. Sweet Pie hugs + kisses. Preschoolers!

Photos taken 11.19.09.

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