01 November 2009

Definitely... Treat

Last night was kind of surreal. I took the kid{S} up and down and all around our busy little village in the country. Like I do on most days. But all we had for light was the glow of jack-o-lanterns on old porch steps. I held tight to a pretty little bumble bee on my left and a jolly jumping tiger on my right. It was an adventure.

Miss Bleu insisted on pounding the pavement like a big girl and thankfully never resisted my firm grasp. She might as well have gone as an angel. I'm sure Buby was secretly tempted to run ahead and dart across {MAN was he excited!}, but he was incredibly patient up there on Cloud 9. I got teary eyed at points watching my darlin' babies grow up right in front of me. In one night. Together we hit something like 10,050 homes before heading back to ours to see Daddy. Dripping sweat, mind you.

I'm not sure what Buby liked more... holding out his own bag or filling up others'. When we got home he insisted on being the distributor of candy to everyone in the neighborhood. "Here, take more. You can," he'd say. It was quite kidorable.

Inside we plucked a few pumpkin pencils, mini Play-doh containers, and pretzel packets from the two trick-or-treat bags and tossed the rest aside. That's when Buby asked for his secret surprise. His orange box consisted of a Halloween drinking cup, Crayola modeling clay in four colors, a Nature Valley roasted almond granola bar, Gerber fruit chews for preschoolers {note: he calls them "fruity things" and deems them the best treat EVER}, more fun writing utensils, and a grow-your-own witch.

Bleu is all about stickers and straws right now, so she found glittery Halloween stickers, a pumpkin cup with a bendy straw, black Play-doh, and a couple of organic cereal bars inside hers. I wanted to make her a Taylor Swift CD, too, but didn't download the songs in time. {More on her obsession with Taylor later.}

I'd say the night was a real treat. And this from the girl who never much cared for Halloween.


Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

sounds like you had a fabulous Halloween!!! I cannot wait to borrow that tradition from you and do the same with the trading of the candy for some awesomness of a holiday basket!!! Great idea my friend!

Grandma DJ said...

what a wonderful night .. such little blessings to be thankful for!! love you forever