09 November 2009

Book Week: Because...

I'm declaring a Book Week here on this blog. Because I live with an insatiable bookworm and haven't posted his literary likes/dislikes in a while. Because Scholastic has put the prospect of new books on the brain. Because four years ago I realized I prefer fabulously written children's tomes over adult fiction... any day. Because I'm forever seeking out the classics I missed in my own childhood.

Because someday I'll want to look back and see what we were reading... right now. Because winter is coming, and there's nothing more heart warming than two cutie pies cuddled up with a stack of rhymes. Because I appreciate author recommendations before the holidays and figured you might, too. Because I crave better art and copy than most publishers are giving us, and I suspect you feel the same. Because I'm hoping you all share with me your own family's list of must-reads.

Photos taken 11.7.09.


Grandma DJ said...

the christmas sweater by glenn beck is a holiday must .. last year the adult kids all got the original version which i loved .. this year each of the grandkids is getting the kids version of the christmas sweater which i also love .. seriously i would love to have the reading of these books as a holiday tradition in this family.
It is a must for adults and kids!! love you forever

Grandma DJ said...

i love these pics of buby and daddy!! love you forever

Allison said...

Oh, I LOVE book week! I've been collecting children's books for more than 20 years! I tend to be drawn to certain authors/illustrators and then to all (or most) books written by that person. And I definitely like the old books. Here are some of my favorites:

Old Classics:
1. Ludwig Bemelmens stories about Madeleine
2. Virginia Lee Burton stories (Mike Mulligan, The Little House, Katy and the Big Snow)
3. Eric Carle
4. E. B. White + Roald Dahl (for chapter books)
5. Robert McCloskey (Make Way For Ducklings, One Morning In Maine, Blueberries For Sal)
6. Margaret Wise Brown (Runaway Bunny, Goodnight Moon)
7. Arnold Lobel (Frog and Toad, Mouse Soup)
8. Stephen Kellogg
9. Kevin Henkes
10. Curious George books by H.A.+ Margaret Rey

New Classics:
1. Olivia books by Ian Falconer
2. Fancy Nancy books

Jenny said...

Allison, THANK YOU for the list. We have Eric Carle, Margaret Wise Brown, and H.A. and Margaret Rey books here.

Blueberries for Sal and Mouse Soup are on our Scholastic list.

We've never read an Olivia or Madeline book here, though I see them at the stores all the time. I bet Buby would love it.