04 November 2009

18 Mos.

Photo taken on 11.3.09.

I'm a tad bit belated here, since our Bleu girl hit the big 1.5 last Tuesday. But I cannot resist jotting down some details of her. The rate-of-change these days is absolutely dizzying. Every day she is one step closer to becoming... well, herself. And I LOVE that.

For the moment our not-so-baby girl...

  • stands 33 3/4" tall {95th %tile for height}
  • weighs 25 lbs. with clothes and shoes on {50th-75th %tile for weight}
  • wears 2T clothes and size 7 shoes {though her winter boots are size 8}
  • loves bananas and cheese
  • sleeps exclusively in her toddler bed, until she...
  • comes to snuggle with us around 6:30 am
  • likes to eat on her knees in big dining chairs
  • has a spirited personality that is completely contagious in this house
  • shows strength and determination in everything she does
  • brushes her teeth, with my help, twice a day
  • washes her hands with soap and water, and floods the floor
  • sits herself on the potty several times a day
  • loves to strip down to nothing and run nakie
  • laughs big and loud with her mouth wide open
  • wants to cuddle up to me the second she breaks from running
  • dances to Taylor Swift every night after dinner
  • plays the guitar with such enthusiasm
  • drinks from a flexi straw
  • has 9 big beautiful teeth
  • is careful in her actions but totally fearless
  • trots down the balance beam at the gym
  • pulls herself onto Buby's high bed and jumps in the air
  • has a pink, red and purple "big girl" room
  • finds humor in fake bodily functions {thanks to Buby}
  • tests.. and watches for my reaction
  • holds my hand without any prompting
  • gets along better with Buby when I'm not there
  • likes her Simply Saline baby nasal spray
  • follows directions well
  • has a bin full of hair pretties just waiting for her to grow hair
  • blows kisses across the room
  • helps me load laundry into the machines
  • carries an ABC puzzle box as her purse
  • remains rear-facing in her car seat
  • asks to nurse still
  • picks up her toys when I ask
  • plops down on her tush in protest when i say "no"
  • signs "more" and "please" if she really wants what I have
  • loves her purple suede Maryjanes
  • prefers pork tenderloin over any other meat
  • begs for her own fresh fruit smoothie
  • finds comfort in her plush pink blankie
  • says "good girl" to me like 10xs a day
  • runs to the back door screaming "dada" when she hears footsteps
  • smells so awesome after a shower {like mango shampoo}
  • climbs anything that can be climbed
  • loves to walk around the house in other people's shoes
  • pretends to talk on my phone every day
  • is impossible to hold when she wants down
  • takes gymnastics on Wednesdays and swimming on Thursdays
  • drinks water throughout the day
  • refuses restaurant high chairs
  • loves to color with crayons and get into Playdoh {though she'll still eat it}
  • spits her food onto the floor if you look concerned about what she ate
  • falls, picks herself up, and carries on
  • seems to be over the occasional attempted biting of her brother
  • is now experimenting with hitting me when she's frustrated
  • doesn't shed tears very often
  • has the loudest cry in the world. you can't talk over it
  • refuses to wear band-aids, even after shots
  • throws a fit if her brother tries to shoo her away
  • doesn't know what it means to cry-it-out. she's never done that
  • is extremely attached to me and me only. such a mama's girl
  • hugs and kisses her big brother before leaving his room at night
  • carries her bitty baby around the house quite a bit
  • mimics Buby and I throughout the day
  • adds so much love and spunk to our family

Happy 18 months.


Grey said...

how lovely kids

Grandma DJ said...

happy 18 months baby girl bleu .. you are unique and quite loved!! love you forever

Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

Oh my she and Ana Maria would get along perfectly they are so much the same!!! It's unbelieveable!!! I can't wait to see them interact one day!

Happy 18 months Bleu!!!