21 October 2009

Isn't It Funny

How a simple act of sweetness can make your whole day. Tuesday was a lovey dovey one for Buby + Bleu. I can't explain it, but from start to finish they shared extremely well, hugged much, and loved each other to bits with no me in the middle. It was some kind of wonderful for sure. A day that made me think we should add at least two more to the brood. Immediately. Crazy, I know.

Wednesday morning {a.k.a. school picture day} Buby woke up and summoned me into his room. Per usual. He didn't know Bleu was already awake. And I didn't know it mattered so much to him. I cracked open his door with my cheery "Good morning, Sunshine!" I expected to feel the love right back.

Instead, Buby took one look at his lil' sis on my hip and screamed "No! NOOOOO!! Put her back! Put her back in her room and get me first! ME first! Not HER! Leave!"
The meltdown was fast and furious and as unanticipated as the sibling euphoria I had witnessed the day before.

Anyway, I let it run its short course. Such drama at 7 a.m. When Buby was through huffing and puffing he apologized to Bleu for his unkind behavior. And to me. All was well with the world. By the end of breakfast they were giggling silly once again... sweet as sweet can be. Bleu back in Buby's good graces. By golly. And me back to thinking two is just right. Let's not go crazy. Just yet.

Photos taken yesterday at the park.


Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

I love these shots!! Your quote is so true!

Grandma DJ said...

who can understand the ups and downs of kids and siblings!! they sure are cute!! love you forever