31 October 2009

Halloween Boxes

Here's the plan: The wee ones will trade in all the preservatives, artificial ingredients and saturated fat they collect tonight for two super secret boxes of awesomeness. Last year we gave Buby a black {Easter-like} basket from us at the end of the night. It was filled with goodies that were also good for him, in addition to one gourmet lollipop from his mom + pop.

We couldn't use the same basket, as there's only one of those and two trick-or-treaters now. So... I found these fancy stacking boxes in my "orange section" of the attic and cut out a bat design for Buby's and a cat for Bleu's.

And just in case you're thinking we're the meanest parents EVER for not letting our four year old go to town on a 10 lb. bag of sugar, Buby loves this tradition of ours. He's totally down with going door to door like the big kids and then exchanging his loot, in its entirety, for something he deems much sweeter: A present from us. He looks forward to it for months. And we all go to bed happy.

Plus: This week Buby's brought home plenty of treats from his preschool pals. Delicious pumpkin chip bread. A red velvet cupcake. Two dumbbells. Salty bat-shaped pretzels. Spooky cheese ball things I would never buy. So it's perfect. That stuff sits in a bowl on the fireplace mantel, and he will help himself to some of it over the next week.

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