11 October 2009

FL: i heart

the sight of: Buby swimming across Uncle John's pool without any bubble, noodle or parental assistance; white dresses on little girls; four new teeth for Bleu; every shell; sunsets over water; Buby riding a mechanical bull; sand on Bleu's lips + eyebrows; My Sweets' hand reaching out for mine; the kids not fighting... but sharing and communicating in their own sweet way; whales performing tricks; Bleu and Grandma looking for constellations in the sky; dessert

the sound of: live music alfresco; Buby singing a belated "happy birthday" to himself and to Tom G.; talking about NYC with someone who knew it way back when; Buby using his manners; mischievous giggling; the "Mouse Cookies + More" CD we brought for the car

the taste of: frozen blueberries on cereal; pizza from Umbertos on Atlantic; ham + cheese omelets from Cypress Nook in Pompano; Five Guys Burger + Fries in South Beach; Dan Dan noodles from P.F. Chang in Ft. Lauderdale; Grandma DJ's spaghetti and meatballs; Shepherd's pie from Briny's Pub; Irish butter and that wheat bread from Publix {oh that wheat bread!}; Terry's famous key lime pie from Bob Roth's New River Groves in Davie; Chocobilly's from Jet Blue

the feel of: a family nap; a heavy quilt; a rare shady spot on burning hot sand; good water pressure; hugs around my neck; first stepping into a hot tub; a simple date with My Sweets consisting of a moonlit walk, homemade ice cream, and talking on the beach; waking up in the middle of the night to find two sleeping babes in their own beds; rinsing the salt water from my hair

the thought of: Buby + Bleu remembering some of these trips we take as a family; the kids being attached and feeling the love all around them

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