15 October 2009

My Lovelies

Photos taken 10.15.09.

The first snow of the season. My lovelies and I went for a walk before our evening swim class. We made two pit stops... the library and the coffee shop, where I nursed a yummy cup of hot cocoa. It was a brisk 34 degrees, but we were head-to-toe giddy.

Buby taught Bleu how to catch snowflakes on her tongue and talked excitedly of snow angels, sleds, skates and skis. He cannot wait for more of this. As for myself, I'm not quite there yet. Fall is my best season, and I want to stretch it as long as possible.


Grandma DJ said...

first snowflakes!! how exciting for the little ones!! time for Christmas music .. just ask Uncle Mike!! love you forever

Mama Jordan MacKeigan said...

Super sweet pictures of the kids!!! First snow fall huh...when we got back from AZ there was snow on the ground and it snowed for like 3 days straight :( Not happy about it, I don't like the winters here at all! I need to be more positive, I really do. I need lessons from you my dear friend!