20 October 2009

Fall Cleanup

I think Saturday was my favorite Fall day. So far. After I got Bleu down for nap I headed outside with the monitor to meet my boys. There's a lot of grounds work to do here at the start of each season, and the early snowfall last week really lit a fire under us.

My Sweets and I moved our pool + patio furniture to the garage attic for winter storage. It's always a bittersweet process which includes hauling a teak dining table, an outdoor refrigerator, eight folding chairs, a heavy umbrella, two large cushioned armchairs, two side tables, and two full-length loungers. Also saying bye for the season: Two chairs and a table from the front porch, a kids picnic table, a sand + water table with umbrellas, and one of three backyard slides. We leave another four-piece dining set and the grill out year-round. We grill through storms around here.

The whole time I wore My Sweets' sneakers and coat. I was too excited to run upstairs and grab my own. I swept the patio, stairs and paths, twice, and bagged leaves. My Sweets mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, harvested our last pepper and flatted the vegetable garden. It was so much fun. I swear. Bleu slept for three full hours, which is unusual, and I enjoyed every blissfully productive minute with my guys. Buby helped rake and look for caterpillars in the dirt. He's so darn helpful that one.

Bleu and I ventured to the grocery store to stock up while My Sweets cooked my mom's scrumptious macaroni + cheese recipe. In my great grandmother's magic white pan. Nothing better on a cool October night than my mom's mac + cheese. Two hours later the boys were ready to set up camp in the playroom with the tent and sleeping bag my parents gave Buby for his birthday. The boys slept like babes all night, and in the morning Buby invited me to camp with him next Saturday. Yippie! So the tent will go back up and My Sweets will be on Bleu duty.

Can't wait!

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Grandma DJ said...

what a great camping venture!! did buby remember to use his work gloves for fall clean up? we have been enjoying this beautiful weather!! love you forever