21 September 2009

Many Thanks

Buby had a fabulous birthday weekend. Of this I am sure. A week ago Sunday he hosted a small shindig here at home with me, My Sweets, Bleu, Grandma + Grandpa "Kean," Grandma DJ, and his girl tribe Grace, Natalie, Gilly, and Lily. Party pics to follow.

Here's a peak at the thank yous. They took all of five minutes to create in Photoshop. Now I just have to cut and paste them onto colored construction paper and mail.

Buby was shocked and amazed at the "wonderful gifts" {his words} that came his way. He didn't expect it. Any of it. All he asked for was a dinosaur cake. We've spent a week pouring over each and every sweet surprise, including... new books, a handmade treasure box, dinosaurs galore {with a floor mat + feature film}, homemade cookies, a handmade pillowcase + ornaments, a massive balloon delivery, the Velveteen Rabbit dvd, a real tent and sleeping bag {which he test drove over the weekend}, a grownup tool set, a fold-up construction site, and a smarty pants LeapFrog game.

Oh, and original art from cousins, Seuss' "There's No Place Like Space!" book and the Klutz "Backyard Stars" guide {love this!}, a moose shirt + stickers from Canadaland, a cuddly cozy sock monkey, another set of standard unit blocks {so as not to limit his creative possibilities}, wooden prehistoric puzzles, a horse puzzle book, a paint-and-bake breakfast set, a Tinkertoy construction set, a subscription to "Your Big Backyard," Matchbox cars, and a remote control racer.

Thank you to my parents for driving down and my mother-in-law for flying up. It meant the world to Buby to have you all here. Thank you for staying up into the wee hours to help me cook and bake and decorate on the fly. Thank you to my friends and Buby's friends for filling our dino-mite day with lots of laughter. You are such good friends.

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Mama MacKeigan Jordan said...

I have photoshop, but I have no idea how to do text on pictures, can you give me some pointers? I love your creative ways!