27 September 2009

Happy 17 Months

She eats food she has no business eating with just four teeth. She understands everything we say and follows directions to a T. Unless her answer is a firm "No." She likes to swim and dance and gets her brother's jokes. She insists on walking up all three flights at Buby's school. Like a big girl. She stands in showers, refuses high chairs, and brushes her teeth at the sink. She's growing up fast.

She climbs me like a monkey when she wants up and kicks me when she wants down. She is strong and smart and always brings a smile and a devilish laugh. She comes off as sweet and shy to strangers but loves passionately and fights and bites her brother when she's had enough. She screams and screeches and mumbles and grumbles. She wants to talk but isn't there yet. She had her first two-word combination the other day. It was "Good Girl."

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Grandma DJ said...

a very happy 17 months for us all having you!! love you forever