22 September 2009

Fireworks Fantastic

On September 12 our small village partied big. We put on a parade, a soapbox derby, bandstands, crafts, street meat, amusements, puppet shows, a horse crap shoot, a charity run, and an evening of fireworks. We do it every year to celebrate the rich history of the area and the significance of our founding General.

The event brings about 30,000 people to our front porch. We usually throw a party. This year we went low-key with three grandparents and an old grad-school buddy of Tom's who I call L-Dog. He arrived just in time for the fantastic fireworks display.

Lawrence, Tom, Grandma M., Bleu, Grandpa M., Grandma DJ, Buby.

1 comment:

Grandma DJ said...

thank you for a wonderful and fun weekend celebrating the buby's birthday .. what a joyful 4 years it has been thanks in big part to our buby!! love you forever