24 September 2009

Early One Morning


They woke up not at home but in a familiar old farmhouse. They raced down to the dining room window to get their bearings and then b-lined it for the piano. Buby climbed onto the tall slippery seat, helped his sister do the same, and they began to play. It was a cool thing to watch and hear. Bleu seemed grateful to and for Buby, even leaning in for a 'thank you' kiss.

The day before My Sweets was feeling under the weather. He rested and at home, but after dinner we decided to take off. We drove five and a half hours and arrived at Grandpa J's farm shortly before midnight on Friday. Nothing like a weekend in nature to clear up your sinuses. Heehee.

So why go? Buby had an opportunity to ride Grandpa's 1953 Ford tractor IN a neighboring town's tractor parade on Saturday afternoon. It was sort of a country-gone-city boy's dream come true. We were all psyched. Luckily the day ushered in gorgeous fall weather... a morning breeze, afternoon sunshine. My mom met us at the festival, as did Aunt Pat, Uncle Pete, Jen, Bill and Little Billy.

This "hometown" trip was ridiculously short, but My Sweets and I both agreed "sooo worth it!" We were back on the road after Sunday breakfast at our favorite small-town diner. Tomorrow I'll post pics of Buby and Grandpa throwing candy in the parade. {I'm too tired for my usual late-night photo uploading.}

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Grandma DJ said...

what great pics!! so cute!! love you forever