23 September 2009

Dino-Mite Birthday Lunch


Buby's 4th birthday weekend was a busy one. We had the grands in from out of town, a full schedule of non-related festivities the day before, and another kid party to attend. So we kept our little dude's dino-themed lunch on Sunday small + simple enough. No formal invites. Only Buby's very besties. A few kid-friendly foods. Decorations crafted on the fly... after the kids were asleep.

Buby's one birthday request was a dinosaur cake, so that's where we started. He recently saw The Land Before Time and fell hard for Little Foot and the whole gang. My mom just happened to gift me a Wilton dinosaur mold last Christmas {along with several other shapes}, and she offered to make dino cookies for the occasion. Those turned out awesome.

The weather on Sunday afternoon was so perfect. Buby and his girl tribe were just giddy to be together, munching, coloring, sending balloons into the air, zooming down an inflatable water slide courtesy of my dad. {Thanks, Dad.} Unfortunately, I started and ended the day with a horrible migraine + sinus issues, but I carried on and the birthday boy was none the wiser. It was a really good day. He's already talking about his "Five Birthday!"


*Mom's mac + cheese
*Meatballs in the crock pot
*Dino eggs {devilled eggs}
*Avocado corn salsa + chips

*Dino cake. Organic white with B.C. whipped frosting, M&Ms, white and dark chips.
*Dino cookies. My mom found cutters on Amazon and baked from scratch.
*Chocolate cupcakes.

*Flag banner made with construction paper, awesome scissors and ribbon.
*Prehistoric-themed balloons, party hats, napkins.
*Birthday tree with wooden ornaments painted by Grandma DJ + Tom G.
*Dino shapes traced with cookie cutters on construction paper.
*Tiny dinos made with a Martha Stewart hole punch.
*Coloring pages and crayons to match the theme.
*Orange and yellow roses. Because Buby loves to get flowers.
*Dinosaur pinata filled with confetti + 48 mini dinosaurs.

*Dinosaur puzzles, since puzzles are so Buby.
*Dinosaur pencils tied with ribbon, since it was back-to-school week.

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