03 September 2009

Best of Summer: Feeding Bambi


Welcome to "Best of Summer," a week-long series of never-before-seen images from our summer. Ha. It's a quick trip down memory lane for My Sweets before I move the photos off my hard drive and officially bid farewell to the season. It was a goodie, but I'm pumped for Fall. Next week alone is jam-packed with exciting firsts.

So, without further ado, here are the wee ones feeding deer at MarineLand. It was such a blast we did it two days in a row. Bleu couldn't figure out why the deer didn't want to play chase... or take her food. They were completely overfed.

P.S. Bleu switched to Huggies organic cotton diapers a few months ago. {The regular pull-ups were chafing her inner thighs.} I totally recommend these diapers, especially in the heat of summer. They work! But as my mom pointed out, "they aren't exactly figure flattering." Heehee. I call the last shot "Boxy Tush."

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