03 September 2009

Best of Summer: The Farm


Truly, my father-in-law's farm is one of our fave spots. To go. To be. To do nothing at all. It's where my Tommy grew up. It's where I learned to dirt bike and horse ride and fire build. {Okay, I still can't do that.} But you get the idea.

We don't visit the farm nearly often enough. It's a trip for us now. But seeing our itty bitties fall in love with it in their own special ways is something we hold dear. Buby talks about tractor rides, cherry trees, marshmallow sticks, and Grandpa's hammock. Bleu simply enjoys the wide open spaces, bees, butterflies, and a good breeze. Always.

P.S. Our coordination was purely accidental. I tend to buy the same colors for all of us. If I knew My Sweets was going to shoot a bazillion candids in the corn, I might have, like, brushed my hair or something that day. Well, maybe. I have some adorable cousin shots to share, but it's way past my bedtime. Goodnight.


Grandma DJ said...

life is good!! love you forever

Allison said...

You all look great in the photos. I love Buby's cool hat.

I think it's sweet you have a place like The Farm to remind you of so much in the past and to give the kids new memories of their own. It's good you enjoy it.