13 September 2009

Dearest Buby,

All about you as you turn 4:

  • You have a huge heart. Gigantic.
  • You are sweet and sensitive, creative and energetic.
  • You love to run outside, to chase and be chased.
  • You like sports. Especially tennis + lacrosse.
  • You are expressive and articulate.

  • You have an exact memory and sense of direction.
  • You like music and dance but not performing on stage.
  • You are at times very loud and at times very reserved.
  • You can build anything out of standard unit blocks.
  • You enthusiastically solve every puzzle put before you.

  • You paint large and abstract pictures.
  • You take pride in crafting sweet things for others.
  • You check the mail box regularly for your name.
  • You like Winnie the Pooh and The Berenstain Bears.
  • You look forward all week to going to the library.

  • You love reading and being read to.
  • You fall asleep in a heap of books every night.
  • You have a hat to suit every mood.
  • You start so many conversations with "When I'm a daddy...."
  • You cherish one-on-one time with your father. Your hero.

  • You hike and fish on weekends.
  • You will eat everything and anything.
  • You like to help me cook. My mini gourmet.
  • You pick vegetables from your garden.
  • You are very particular about how things feel on you.

  • You like your showers "not too hot and not too cold."
  • You don't like to get your clothes wet or dirty.
  • You take excellent care of your belongings.
  • You do not give much notice when you "have to go potty!"
  • You have a natural competitiveness and like to be first.

  • You would snack all day if we let you.
  • You only drink water and organic milk at home.
  • You love school but are exhausted by 3pm.
  • You are afraid of dark corners in the house.
  • You are always the cautious, careful one.

  • You are an adoring big brother.
  • You are incredibly empathetic of others.
  • You take Mama Giraffe and Baby Bear to bed with you.
  • You do not like to be tucked under sheets or blankets.
  • You say three prayers every night.

  • You talk about Grace, Gillian, Lillian and Natalie daily.
  • You get crazy loud whenever I'm on the phone.
  • You feel bad when you fight with your sister.
  • You love my fresh-fruit smoothies in the morning.
  • You often bring up your cousin Spencer. You look up to him.

  • You like to collect rocks and spell things aloud.
  • You make weird pterodactyl noises for fun.
  • You have the flattest feet. Size 13.5.
  • You may require therapy or knee surgery someday.
  • You have a backpack for everything.

  • You have crazy morning hair.
  • You like the pink vitamins best.
  • You spend hours on floor puzzles.
  • You like any song with a strong drum beat.
  • You look forward to birthday parties.

  • You recently asked for another baby sister.
  • You enjoy the occasional growl, screech and roar.
  • You are a good sleeper. Thank God.
  • You demand thoughtful answers to your questions.
  • You remember every deal we've ever made with you.

  • You self-correct now when you realize you have been rude.
  • You say "Is that better, Mama? Is that more polite?
  • You are easily discouraged when learning a new sport.
  • You always stop to smell the flowers. And weeds.
  • You don't like tags on your clothes.

  • You would spend your whole piggy bank on rain boots.
  • You strip down to nothing if you get water on yourself.
  • You mention Santa Claus at least once a week, year round.
  • You recently asked Daddy for a suit.
  • You do not like shopping with me. At all.

  • You like to use "Mommy/Daddy plates" at dinnertime.
  • You say your favorite colors are blue, red, green and yellow.
  • You are as big as the six year olds at the park.
  • You pronounce words perfectly, except "feter" for "theater".
  • You are loved oh so much by oh so many.

Happy birthday Bub.

Photos taken at Niagara Falls last month.


Grandma DJ said...

i will forever cherish the memory of you running down the village street with your two blue balloon bouncing behind you shouting to all we passed that today was your birthday with so much laughter that everyone responded in same with a great big "well happy birthday"!! you are incredible and i love you so very much .. it really has been the best four years!! we have so much more fun to look forward to .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY .. love you forever

Mama MacKeigan Jordan said...

Happy birthday Buby! I can't wait to meet you one day!