07 October 2008

The Patch

Our first trip to the patch this season. Buby has a small pumpkin and gourd to paint from his preschool outing, but we still needed a sizable pumpkin for the jack-o-lantern. According to Buby, it should look "funny and scary." I'm so glad we decided to stop by this farm Saturday near our house. Being outside--after a whole day in--instantly lifted Buby's spirits. It was sunny and colorful and not at all crowded. I typically wear Bleu whenever we're hiking or hay riding, so she doesn't make it into a whole lot of photos. Sorry Bleu girl. I'll be chasing you in no time.

Burgundy mums are my fave. The color is so rich + saturated. Don't you want the wagon in your garden?

I will photograph these two boys holding hands for as long as these two boys will hold hands. I know someday Buby will be too cool to reach out his chubby lil' digits for ours. For now, I'm savoring it.

The apple of her eye. I explained to Buby last night while laying on his bed telling stories... that baby Bleu will learn a lot of things from me, and a lot of things from her daddy, but she will learn the most things from him. I stressed the importance of being a good role model + loving Bleu unconditionally. He liked that.

No stranger to hay mazes, this was Buby's first time going through one alone. My Sweets ran to one side and I to the other as we watched the top of his little noggin from start to finish.

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Barefoot Princess & Family said...

I love your pictures! Looks like a lot of fun, which Buby definitely deserved after his ordeal. And you guys too, sorry!