03 October 2008

Old Photo Friday

Early '80s. Sleepy siblings slurping cereal. By the way, there's 7 years between the youngest and the oldest. And I'M a girl. So why the same hairdo, Mom?


Grandma DJ said...

very cute .. love you forever

The MacKeigans said...

That's a great picture!!! You look just like you in that picture.

Graga said...

What do you mean the same haircut? Yours was a Dorthy Hammel cut and as for the boys - it was the 80's. I really miss those days...I LOVE old photo Friday! I am so proud of all of you...look at where you all are today. My only wish is that we all lived within a 20 mile radius...Your 300 miles south of me and Billy is 60 miles west. Mark got it right - he's about 3 miles away. We'll be seeing them this afternoon.

Lilypad Mom said...

What a great photo. All three of you look so cute.

Double the Love said...

Funny comment about the hairdo!

Jen said...

Love this photo and am thinking about posting it on my blog with a photo of our three. It's amazing, but we all agree that Parker resembles Uncle Billy - A LOT!!! We were at your parent's last night and your mom brought up the picture and we were all laughing. We showed Parker and when we pointed at Billy and asked him who it was he said "Parker"! Too funny!

As for the hair....don't feel bad. Didn't we ALL have Dorothy Hammil's when we were that age? I know I did!

P.S. Grace and I attempted to send you a video message Friday night. She was so cute thanking you for the Flower Girl book! I guess it was too big because we woke up Sat. and it was still going through. I might just post it on the blog as it's easier. So sweet of you to see that and send it to her!