26 September 2008

Harvest Rocks

I dig Thursdays. And not just because Grey's Anatomy is back. But because it's our only day of the week without any classes or play dates or appointments {usually}. Buby, Bleu + I don't HAVE to get bathed + dressed by 7:30AM if we don't want. We don't HAVE to leave the house at all if we don't want. We can snuggle in Mommy & Daddy's bed a bit longer. Eat breakfast slower. Play more trains. Read that other stack of books. Dance + build a fort. Stroll at our own pace. Hit the library on our way home. Do a more involved craft. Thursdays rule.

Yesterday's craft was going to be rock pumpkins. I'd seen them somewhere and thought how cute. We collected rocks at the park with Grandma DJ on Tuesday and had all the rest of our supplies. But when it came time Buby said he wanted to use "lots and lots of colors, Mama!" So who am I to restrict him to orange. He took 5 tubes of acrylic paint out front and painted what I will now call our harvest rocks. They are dry enough today to fill a short glass vase and use as a pretty centerpiece on our Fall table. We will put Buby's name and year on the largest rock and place it on the front porch with our hay bales and other Halloween decorations {when the time comes}. I see a new annual tradition here.


Grandma DJ said...

very nice harvest decoration!! great job .. love you forever

Lilypad Mom said...

Looks like a really fun project.