17 September 2008

On This Day He Turned 3

Here is a gallery of our Bubs on his 3rd birthday. A few months back I heard Thomas was making stops in the Northeast. I looked into it. Imagine my face when I discovered the big blue steam engine was rolling into Strasburg Railroad ON Buby's actual birthday. Yahoo! {We got him tickets to the Doodlebops concert at Madison Square Garden last year and liked the idea of going somewhere again.} Buby has become an avid train enthusiast. He sort of did this on his own and chose Thomas and his classic wooden tracks. Somehow he got his hands on a catalog last spring, and it has taken up permanent residence next to his bed. I have the honor of reading it like a goodnight book, along with a handful of real Thomas titles.

So we bought the tickets and found a sweet little motel with a relaxing view of Amish country {thanks, Alana!}. The Thomas event was well organized for families with small children. The majority of guests were 3- to 5-year-old boys with new sibs, so we were in very good company. Our tickets were all inclusive with lots of lil' activities for short attention spans. The trains were clean and comfortable and such a cool slice of American history. And almost no lines.

Also right near the station is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, The National Toy Train Museum, the Choo Choo Barn, East Broad Top, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm {where we explored Buby's other passion ~ mazes!}, Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park, and the Rockvale and Tanger outlets. We ate the most delightful breakfast in an 80-ton P-70 coach at The Red Caboose Motel & Restaurant. I had chocolate chip and banana pancakes smothered in whipped cream. Did I say DElightful? It was a great trip. Not at all cheesy or as touristy as one might think. We played i-spy buggies.

{my favorite shot from the weekend}

i said "whatcha doing Bubs?" he replied, "lily does this."


Jennifer said...

This is AWESOME! Love the happiness on that face!!!

Reminds me of when we took Spencer at 2.5 to see Elmo, his idol back then (something he does not like to be reminded of:-) to Sesame Place in PA. When Elmo came out Mark and I just took one look at his face and started tearing up over the joy we saw. We're cheesy.

He actually remembers going, so it was worth it.

What a fabulous birthday gift!

The MacKeigans said...

Those are some great pictures, but even better memories that you all will cherish!!! How fun!

Lilypad Mom said...

What a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it from Buby himself. The picture of him with his finger made me laugh.

Grandma DJ said...

how totally awesome!! that favorite pic from the weekend looks exactly like buby's daddy at that age .. very cute!! glad the birthday adventure was such a success!! love you forever