15 August 2008

Girly Bibs

Like these from Chasing Fireflies. But for less. That's what she'll need. We're probably looking at a year of 24/7 bib fashion for Bleu. She was just diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Buby had it bad and went on medication at two months, so we know the drill. Our pediatrician says Bleu is the poster child for reflux, when food and acid back into the esophagus and throat due to a weak esophageal sphincter. It's common... more so in premature babies. GERD causes discomfort, forceful vomiting, sudden pain cries, refusal to eat at times, arching of the back, gagging, choking, hiccuping, excessive drooling, very noisy swallowing, and difficulty sleeping. YES to all.

So far Bleu's weight gain has remained excellent in the 75% tile, but we'll be watching it. She's taking 1 ml of Zantac twice a day. Her symptoms will peak between 4 and 7 months and start to improve once she's sitting on her own and getting solids in addition to breast milk {around 6 months for us}. Poor Bleu. Today she + I changed our tops AND bottoms more times than I can count. Stinky, chunky, projectile barf. The best thing for her is to continue nursing and increase the number of feedings a day but offer a little less at each one {breast milk acts as a natural antacid and is more easily digested than formula}.

I have to nurse her upright, burp her often {even before switching sides}, use a wedge pillow in her crib, avoid all caffeine on my end, keep her upright at least an hour after eating, steer clear of smokers {which we do anyway--nicotine stimulates gastric acid production!}, and never leave home without bibs, spare onesies + wash cloths. I know the drill.

Most GERD babies outgrow it by their second birthday ~ Buby was about a year and a half. Fingers crossed she'll be sooner. I had to hold him all the time {careful not to press on the belly or jostle}, he was most comfy in his infant car seat {which is why I strolled and drove every day}, his doctors suggested a pacifier around 4 months to keep him sucking after feedings {it worked, but Bleu has her thumb}, and I felt like I always had to explain to other parents in class that he was not sick or contagious.

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Double the Love said...

Poor Bleu! Aunt Melissa also just got dx with GERD (carrying twins was bound to ruin something... mine was my entire GI system...)I take medicine now too and have all the same restrictions. I feel your pain!!